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Why Sansa Stark Is the Strongest Character on ‘Game of Thrones’ by Julianne Ross

A lot of my friends don’t get why I genuinely like and sympathize with Sansa. In many ways, she is my favorite Stark.



A Giant Twisting Serpent Skeleton Emerges from the Loire River in France

it’s a fucking sculpture I almost shat a goddamn cathedral I thought the serpent lords had come to reclaim the fucking earth


No, Guinan.

It was not.

It was not funny.

I’d get a clip of Dr. Cox pointing out how not funny it was, but he was too busy banging his head repeatedly against a wall while trying to understand what the hell the JOKE was supposed to be and he passed out and the only thing that’s occupying his mind as he lay in a self-induced coma is “DEAR GOD THAT WAS NOT FUNNY IN THE SLIGHTEST.”

…In case anyone is wondering, this is from the episode “the Outrageous Okona.” It is one of the worst episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, if not the entire franchise.

I don’t know… The Way to Eden is probably more terrible. And I’ve heard there’s an episode of Voyager that’s so bad it’s practically non-canon.


Nine Wonderful Words About Words from 25 things you had no idea there were words for


You know what, kids? Please write female characters. Make them flawed, make them grow, try not to think about what idiots like the woman who wrote that article will say if they don’t live up to some non-existent standard.

Make them complex, make them real. If you feel like you’re doing it wrong,





“writing a fic with a hardcore lemon in it!!!”

i don’t understand


hardcore lemon??

And this is the difference between fandom generations.

Wow. First wave fandomists.

I’m confused. Does someone want to explain what that is?

Back in the old days of fanfiction, writing a lemon was a way of saying writing something with sex in it. So ‘hardcore’ lemon would be very smutty indeed. :)



i think i’m taking “science crushes” to a new level because i had a dream where i met the person behind the tumblr anthrocentric and asked them out for drinks

That’s sounds lovely. Maybe we can talk about recreational reproductive activities in person — but…

Science flirting is best flirting.



i just dont get it like the aus you could have are endless, there is a universe of aus out there, mafia, greek mythology, afterlife, fantasy world, zombie apocalypse, historical, PIRATES, space adventurers, detectives, fuckin knights templar if thats ur shit, period drama! roaring 20s, jail, future, your favourite tv show, MORTICIANS

and youre like …. yeah but …. what if they were… … BAristas

#mafia aus should be law


There aren’t enough pirate AUs.





angry social justice kirk

You people are so fucking insane wtf is this shit like okay good points but of all of the mascots you chose it’s mr ‘fuck every alien with boobies’ and sprinkle leaves on his head yall need a professional helping you live

You do realize that a good number of these are direct quotes from TOS, right?

Or were you just basing the idea of Kirk fucking every alien with “boobies” off pop culture knowledge without ever seeing the source material? Because that’s like never having seen Romeo & Juliet and saying that Romeo never loved anyone before Juliet. Her name was Rosaline.

The thing is though, as you said, these are all good points, so why should it matter how much fictional consensual sex a character has before the non-fictional good points made are to be disregarded?

Oh, and another thing: Those aren’t “sprinkle leaves,” they’re laurels. It’s a historical reference which you would know from the context of the episode, provided you’ve actually seen it.

Mmmhmm, look like it’s time to spread this around again for those unaware

This is the kind of thing the new movies missed, and that a lot of pop culture doesn’t get.

Kirk was charming and he enjoyed the ladies, but he also respected their humanity and their dignity, in and out of a romantic context.